The under 5’s project is a registered charity,

We have been open since 1983, becoming a full time OFSTEAD registered project in 2005.

We are governed by a management committee, which is made up of parents of children who are either attending the project or have previously been.

The project is based in St Mary’s church, of St Mary’s park.

Mrs Jenny Wolf initially established the project as there was nothing suitable in the local area, Jenny left the project 20 years ago, when a new co-ordinator was appointed Mrs Ella Carr; Ella has been working at the project for the last 25 years, the last 20 of these as co-ordinator. In 2015 Sarah Carr was promoted from Deputy Manager to co-manager and from 2016 has been sole-manager. Ella is still very much a part of the project she is here 3 days a week as Deputy Manager.

Committee meetings are held regularly and new parents and carers are welcome on to the committee.

The nursery receives no subsidy from the council, we receive Educational vouchers from the government for children who are over 3 years, and funding for two years Old’s who qualify for the ‘Together for two’s’ scheme. We also offer private places; the rest is fund raised through different organisations.

The ethos of the nursery is CHILDREN FIRST

We aim to work in a respectful and co-operative relationship with the parents/carers and encourage your ideas, suggestions and participation for the nursery and day care settings.

If a child has been referred to us because of a need or concern we will do our best to help identify a system that will best support and develop them, if necessary we will link you up with other appropriate sources of help and support. Good communication is an essential part of the partnership between parents/carers and staff.

All our staff are professional caring individuals whose paramount aim is for the care and development of your child.

We are always available to talk too, for longer discussions we advise booking an appointment.

We always follow the parent’s lead in childcare; you know your child best.

We take children, who are not potty trained; we are happy to potty train

Through the provision of our daily activities, we encourage the children who attend the nursery to:

  1. Make decisions and work collaboratively with adults and peers.
  2. Develop self-discipline
  3. Identify personal goals and complete chosen tasks
  4. Develop self-expression through language, art, dance etc.
  5. Develop an open mind for knowledge, listen to other points of view and have an enquiring mind.

We aim to do this through the personal care of our staff and by the curriculum we offer.


Our planning is guided by the revised framework for the Early Years foundation stage curriculum EYFS (2012) We aim to reach each Childs individual potential by offering age appropriate and stimulating activities.

Our aim is for the children to have fun whilst learning.

Our planning is guided by four themes that underpin all the guidance

  • A Unique Child – Every child is a unique child who is constantly learning and can be resilient, capable, confident and self-assured
  • Positive Relationships – Children learn to be strong and independent through positive relationships.
  • Enabling Environments – Children learn and develop well in enabling environments, in which their experiences respond to their individual needs and there is a strong partnership between practitioners and parents and carers.
  • Learning and Development – Children develop and learn in different ways. The framework covers the education and care of all children in early year’s provision, including children with special educational needs and disabilities.


This curriculum has three prime areas of learning: Children will focus mainly on these areas when they join the setting at two.

  1. Communication and Language
  2. Physical Development
  3. Personal Social and Emotional Development

And Four specific areas:

  1. Literacy
  2. Mathematics
  3. Understanding the world
  4. Expressive Arts and Design

The children are encouraged to work individually and in small groups to build on what each child already knows and can do, this will promote self-confidence, independence and social skills. Within the EYFS the children have daily access to a variety of activities:

Sand/water. Mark making, books and stories, role-play, construction and imaginative play. The children are also encouraged to initiate their own ideas and access the activities that are self-chosen. We have a wide range of resources available for the children to access freely

We believe at The Under 5’s project it is important to promote positive role models for our children so that they are aware of their local community, we therefore have regular visitors to our project, these include:

  • Community dentist
  • Speech and language activity groups
  • Road safety team
  • Inclusion support workers


We have our own fenced off area within the park grounds; the children will have daily access to the area, unless it is raining. Experiencing outside play in all climates is an important part of a Childs development. The area is covered with safety surfacing, which makes it ideal for learning new skills on and also fantastic to make marks on using chalk and water.

Outdoor play allows the children to learn about their environment without the restriction of space. They can practice their large motor skills through running, climbing, hopping etc. as well as play and cooperate together.


Special educational needs (SEN)


As stated in the National day care standards set out by OFSTEAD we at the under 5’s project are required to have a SEN co-ordinator, a SEN policy and that staff have access to SEN training.

Our SENCO is Sarah Carr

A child has an SEN if they have a learning ability or disability that makes it harder for them to learn or make progress than most children of the same age.

In 2014 we converted our old office in Daisies nursery into a ‘Chatterbox’ room this has given us the valuable opportunity to work with children one to one and in small groups.

We also have strong links with the Greenwich toy library, and other supporting organisations in the local community.

A full copy of our SEN policy can be found in the parent’s policy folder, or on request

Equal Opportunities

The setting is committed to providing equality of opportunity for all children and adults.

We work in accordance with all relevant legislation including:

Disabled persons act 1958, 1986

Race relations act 1976

Sex discriminations act 1986

Children’s act 1989

All children will be respected and their individuality and potential recognised. Activities and the use of equipment we provide offer children opportunities to develop in an environment free from prejudice and discrimination. Appropriate opportunities will be given to explore and acknowledge differences between themselves and others.

Bilingual/multilingual children and adults are an asset. They will be valued and their languages recognised and respected.

Every Childs medical, cultural and dietary needs will be met.

We will not tolerate any discriminatory behaviour or remarks. We will be sensitive towards the victims and help those responsible to understand and overcome their prejudices.

Behaviour policy

Our philosophy to achieve acceptable behaviour within the nursery, and ultimately within the community is based upon a positive approach.

Through encouragement and praise

Through raising self-esteem and promoting a positive self-image

Working in partnership with parents and carers

Our aim is to develop a sense of self-discipline and ultimately a responsibility from each child for their own actions. To create an atmosphere of caring and respect for oneself and others, in order that effective teaming can take place within the nursery.

A full copy of our behaviour policy is in the parent’s information pack or available on request.