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This policy links to: The Statutory framework for the early year’s foundation stage, Safeguarding Children policy, Risk Assessment’ Monitoring Sleeping Children’

  • IMPORTANT Pre-school children can very tired during the day and NEED the opportunity to rest/sleep within the nursery day
  • Every child’s needs are different so we provide flexibility and opportunities for children to take rests and naps as they need and desire.
  • It is VERY important that young children get ALL the sleep they need and so we prioritise and facilitate this in all departments of the nursery
  • We respect parental wishes with regard to children’s sleep but the welfare of the child is always paramount.


Comfort blankets and soft toys are most welcome for they bring enormous comfort and reassurance to small children especially when they are new to the nursery and during rest and sleep times. PLEASE NAME THEM.

  • Parents may wish to provide dummies for their little ones, for they too can provide comfort during rest and sleep times, however the nursery does not provide, supply or ever introduce them to children themselves.
  • If parents do provide dummies for their children to use it is essential that they also provide a hygienic Dummy Pot that can be sealed to store the dummy in when not in use.
  • Dummies are restricted to sleep and rest times. They are not encouraged in the play rooms for they can hamper a child’s speech, interaction with others and are a major cause of speech delay.


Within each class and play room there are quite carpeted rest areas with soft seating and cushions where children can go if they wish to rest and relax.


  • Staff are fully aware of the fact that children need to rest and sleep
  • Staff appreciate that children have individual needs and routines which vary as they grow and develop
  • Children are encouraged to indicate and say when they are tired and need to rest


The guidance below is the minimum recommendations for a child attending a full time place

  • The sheets are washed twice a week using non – bio washing powder
  • Blankets are washed once a week
  • The washing of the sheets and blankets are all documented on a wash chart in the Buttercups room.


  • Sleep Records are completed each day so confirmation is always available regarding the times each child has slept on any given day
  • Times can be recorded each day in a Child’s Daily Diary should their parents so wish.
  • Parents are kept informed regarding their child’s sleeps both verbally and through their Nursery Diary.


  • The preferences and wishes of parents are always valued and respected and staff work closely with them, to ensure each child’s individual needs are carefully met.
  • Some parents prefer their children to only have a short sleep – fearing that it infringes on their night time sleep and this will be taken into account PROVIDED it is also clearly in the child’s best interests.


  • Toddlers tend to nap after lunch, however facilities are always available for them to sleep at other times if needed
  • Toddlers sleep on cushions or toddler pack away mattresses in a cosy carpeted and curtained room to ensure they are warm and comfortable.
  • No pillows or bean bags are permitted in any of the sleep areas
  • Each child has their own sheet and blanket which are stored in named bags in their room
  • Toddlers are never left alone when sleeping, a member of staff will always remain in the room and will check on a sleeping child regularly
  • 6 The beds which are used in the older sleep room are sanitised after each use and stacked away every evening.

All new staff are made aware during their introduction period of this policy and our routines and procedures to maintain a healthy sleep and rest environment. All new staff will be mentored and supervised by a senior member of staff until both parties feel confident and secure with the ability to carry out this policy fully.