2 years (Daily cost)
  • £18.603 hour morning or afternoon session
  • £28.00Half day care 08.00 -12.30
  • £28.00Half day care 12.30- 5.00
  • £50.00Full day care 08.00- 6.00


3 years (Daily cost)
  • £FREE3 hour morning or afternoon session
  • £7.00Half day care 08.00 -12.30
  • £7.00Half day care 12.30- 5.00
  • £28.00Full day care 08.00- 6.00

*please note that at Half day care 08.00 -12.30  a packed lunch must be provided

Current fees from the 01/10/2016 till the 01/10/2017.

Occasional/ Additional hours are charged at: 2 -3 years – £6.20 per hour, 3 + £4.20 per hour.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to enquire.

Opening Times

We are open 8.00 am to 6.00 pm, Monday – Friday

Full-Time and Term-Time only, options available. Half-Term playscheme’s for 0-5 year old’s running most school holidays

Discounts & Payments

Fees are payable, in advance, on the 1st day of each calendar month, usually by standing order.

The Under 5’s nursery is a registered charity, therefore we strive to keep our fees to a minimal cost, while never compromising on quality of care, staffing or our learning environment.

All funded hours will be deducted from the total cost.

Please not we offer a 10% discount for Siblings attending full time day care


Settling into nursery

Leaving your child at nursery for the first time is stressful but by working together, exchanging information regularly and taking part in nursery life whenever possible, this difficult time will become a very positive experience for all.

Every child is different. Settling your child into a nursery can take up to three or four weeks or longer depending on your child, and the consistency of their attendance.

Below are some tips on getting your child ready for nursery

  1. If possible, introduce your child to different groups of people, including children, before they start nursery. This will help them feel more at ease in the lively environment of a nursery.
  2. Visit the nursery – with your child. Learn what happens throughout the day. Visiting the nursery allows children to become familiar with different parts of their new environment and also to meet staff and other children.
  3. Care about and get involved with the nursery. If children see parents at ease, happy and chatting with staff, they are more likely to feel relaxed, developing a stronger sense of confidence and belonging in the nursery themselves.
  4. Allow your child to bring along a familiar object from home – like a favorite teddy bear. These hold positive memories for children and will, by association, help them to develop secure attachments with the nursery.
  5. We will: provide a Key Person for each child — an individual, who will lead the settling in process, is focused on your child’s development and who is your main point of contact. The Key Person will learn your child’s preferences and any requirements so they feel at home as soon as possible
  6. We will: quickly gain an understanding of your child’s personality, likes and dislikes and develop routines which allow them to undertake the experiences, activities, opportunities and games which they find most fun or stimulating
  7. Be patient. Some children will be happier to join in with nursery life more quickly than others. But if you’re patient, the benefits of your child attending a caring and well-run nursery will soon be clear to see